Saturday, August 29, 2009

*****REVIEW ~~IT'S ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE: Loving And Living Well With Autism

By Author Kathy Almeida And Author Gayle Nobel


After raising a child with special needs for thirty years and caring for
many other children with special needs to this day through my Nursing
career, I have not read a book that perfectly describes exactly what the
child needs and how to give it, with the exception of this novel. Kathy
Almeida and Gayle Nobel show the reader the exact necessities of
children with special needs, and how to provide excellent care. Through
their experience, they explain how to cope, to provide love with discipline
in all situations and stress the importance of hope, regardless of
unexpected challenges. I have read the eyes, and heart of many children
with autism, asperger's disease, and children with multiple disabilities.
Kathy Almeida and Gayle Nobel can comprehend, and relate to such
feelings, because they lived and survived through it. The two authors
of this book are not only guardian angels to children with special needs,
but every parent who has lived through it is indeed a hero. Through the
expertise of knowledge, along with a heart of gold, the loving parents of
these children are gifted, and deserve as much praise as they give to
special needs children. I highly recommend this book to all parents,
teachers, and caregivers of special needs children. I also recommend
this book to all parents who don't have special needs children, but wish
tolearn from the advice given through experience, and for all readers
who are interested in learning about special needs. Kathy Almeida and
Gayle Nobel provide educational tips, funny and serious moments, and
the importance of bonding relationships. Each author clearly specifies
through everyday challenges what works for them, and the child.
Furthermore, they focus on a positive attitude of helping these children
to lead productive lives through constant praise, and encouragement,
while building on self-confidence. Kathy Almeida and Gayle Nobel are
experts in providing love, acceptance, and hope, which are essential
necessities for special needs children. "IT'S ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE:
Loving And Living Well With Autism" is a triumph in the same respect
as portrayed in the true story RADIO, and is as inspiring as RAIN MAN
with Tom Cruise, and Dustin Hoffman.

*****REVIEW ~~BLOOD WEB: A Caitlin Diggs Novel~~By Author GARY STARTA

Ranked As Amazon's Most Helpful Favorable Review!


Inspired by the work of Stephen King, along with Gary Starta's love for science
fiction, and concern about the domination of Americans, compelled the author
to pen a follow-up novel to "WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF." "BLOOD WEB: A Caitlin
Diggs Novel" was born a Masterpiece thriller of the supernatural, reminiscent of
THE X-FILES, a popular television series. FBI Agent Caitlin Diggs, and Shenk
are the two main characters. Agent Caitlin is assigned to a case, involving the
investigation of a killer, while searching for an evil crystal, with controlling
powers. Unfortunately, when Agent Cailen accepted this police job, it was shortly
after Geoffrey was killed. He was not only her undercover partner, but also the
man she loved. With an unstable mind, ignoring an early retirement request
made by her parents and her haunting determination to seek revenge for the
murder of Geoffrey, she purchased her airline ticket and sets out on her most
challenging, dangerous mission. Shenk is a mentally deranged teenager, who
is not only a runaway, but is also a demented killer. He is possessed by an evil,
ancient crystal. This heart-pounding novel that's packed with electrifying
suspense is highly recommended for all thriller lovers. The pages are covered
in blasting action, while the despicable villains come to life, and the emotional
roller-coaster-ride will leave you on the edge of your seat. The story transforms
into an intense, nail-biting thriller that will send chills up your spine as a
twisted serial killer is hunted down, while the entire nation is at risk. Does the
crystal possess psychic powers upon Agent Diggs, and does she fall prey to its
bloody desires? How many innocent people does Shenk murder? Does the Right
Hand organization find Agent Diggs, or does she find them? The line drawn
between biological life form and mechanical life form by Gary Starta in a
predicted nightmare that technology could dominate the world is portrayed
through charismatic characters, disturbing violence, and spellbinding drama.
In a terrifying race for time, is there a way out for Agent Diggs? "BLOOD WEB:
A Caitlin Diggs Novel" is as cleverly entertaining as DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, and is
as mesmerizing as THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS with Jodie Foster, and
Anthony Hopkins.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Subtitle: "An Inside Look At Retirement In America's Sunbelt"


After living in the Northeast forty-five years, then moving to Arizona, I have
listened to many people voice their opinion on life in the two different worlds.
But no one can describe it better than Len Schritter, a potato farmer from Idaho,
who migrates to sunny Arizona as one of our many winter visitors. With perfection, he describes how it feels to be snowbound, constantly dreamng of
the warm sun. From blizard-after-blizard, to being a main attraction at the gulf
course in the Southwest. From his chilling bones during raging snowstorms, to
the palm trees at his Las Vegas mini-vacation. He describes his life as a snowbird
with humor, and heartfelt emotion as he tells stories about the two different
lives he lives, and great adventures with all the folks he made friends with
in Arizona. There's never a dull moment for Len and Diana as they remove their
winter coats, and venture out into the wonderment of retirement paradise,
while absorbing the sun. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is retired,
everyone who's contemplating on becoming a snowbird, and to those who enjoy
a heartwarming read, with a blend of humor. The author will guide you to fine
dining in Arizona and Mexico as he describes all the people he met on his
different bus tours, while admiring the Southwest mountains. The reader will hear about all the fuss at bingo drama hall as the saga continues, while learning
about the main topics discussed at the community pool. "THE SECRET LIFE OF
A SNOWBIRD: An Inside Look At Retirement In America's Sunbelt" is as funny
as THE-OUT-OF-TOWNERS, and as entertaining as GRUMPY OLD MEN with
Jack Lemmon, and Walter Matthau.

Sunday, August 23, 2009



Jennifer Swanson's extraordinary children's story is a sweet tale about two dogs,
an owl, a groundhog, and a cat. Penny and Rio are two dogs who are complete
opposites, with unique personalities. Penny is curious, noisy, and a great detective. Her sister Rio on the other hand, is quite content to just be lazy, and
sleep the day away. Penny attempts to persuade Rio to help unravel the mystery
in their backyard, which Penny has been observing, and investigating. Penny
becomes rambunctious to begin research on the four intruders, invading Penny
and Rio's territory in the dark of night. As the adventure begins, we are introduced
to the actions of Buster, Shadow, Nutty and Feathers. They are determined to invade the house next door, while Penny comes up with her own ingenious plan
as she continues to spy, during Rio's naps. Does Penny succeed to stop the critter
invasion, without her sister's help? Why was the neighbor's house a target for
the intruders? What information did we find out during the peculiar evening
gatherings? Penny steals the show with her astounding ability, determination,
and courage, despite getting punished for her actions. I highly recommend this
cute children's book for young readers, for dog lovers, and for everyone who's
still young at heart. The moral of the story is educational, the illustrations are
colorful, and the thrills make you laugh. The reader will learn about unexpected
circumstances, and how we should love and respect our pets through a journey
of acceptance. "PENNY & RIO: The Mysterious Backyard Meeting" is as fun-loving
as LOOK WHO'S TALKING NOW, and as entertaining as Walt Disney's AIR BUDDIES.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Ranked As Amazon's Most Helpful Favorable Review!


Sam Moffie takes the reader on an unforgettable road trip that's better than a
seven-day-stay at Disney World, but is similar to Disney World's famous ride through America's past, present, and future. The main character is Aaron Abrams, a forty-seven year old English teacher whose life changes in a matter of minutes, after one phone call of good news, and one moment of watching his twenty year marriage go down the tubes. He was informed of an exciting book deal he couldn't refuse, offering one-hundred thousand dollars in advance to write the
"Yearbook" and the bad news was witnessing his wife and brother engaged in sex at his own home. During two moments of his life he will always remember, he decides to act with nonviolent behavior as he grabs his dog, and hits the road. As his road trip begins in Ohio and ends in scenic Niagara Falls, his journey becomes an incredible rambling, funny, and rambunctious trip that the reader will never forget. While driving on Interstate 80, the reader learns that Aaron is a guy who drowns his sorrows by becoming best friends with his golden retriever, how addicted Aaron is to the game Jinx, and his obsession about hemorrhoids. As the fascinating journey continues, we learn about Aaron's quirk for Newman's Own Virgin Lemonade, the odd characters he meets along the way, and the rediscovery of America seen through his eyes. We learn about the pain he had to bear from the betrayal of his wife, the blow to his head from his brother, and the powerful influence of flashbacks from the 70's music in relation to life's experiences.
Before the end of Aaron's voyage, we also learn that he is a nurturing father of three children, a Romeo in new romance, and his thoughts about his daughter's pregnancy and her impending marriage. The adventurous journey continues with sidesplitting sexual encounters, the use of illegal narcotics, and aliens. As the reader takes history lessons during Aaron's new found freedom from New York to Boston, and Gettysburg to New Mexico, we are introduced to many bizarre characters. For the icing on the cake, the author creates the amusing events of the Crazy Horse Monument. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an adventure that's heartwarming, packed with entertainment, and filled with humor. Will Aaron ever find a place he could call home again? What shocking events did Aaron learn, while interviewing his fraternity brothers? Find out the answers in this unique, thought-provoking, fun ride. The author's down-to-earth
candor in this fast-paced novel, packed with engrossing stories in a splendid plot will take you to places you've never been to, and make you crave for more. Does Aaron fall in love with his agent's assistant? Where did Aaron meet the nymphomaniac, pothead State Trooper? Fasten your seatbelt, and continue this amazing road odyssey down memory lane of the past, and present. "NO MAD" is as touching as WHERE THE HEART IS, and as funny as NOTHING TO LOSE with Martin Lawrence, and Tim Robbins.



The setting of this novel takes place in Connacht, Ireland 916 AD. As we reflect back in time to the Early Middle Ages, it was an era when Ireland was in turmoil,
Irish countryside became a battlezone, and was eventually overrun by chieftains.
It was a time when the Irish were warned about Northmen raids. A time in Ireland
when there was much more at stake than just a claim on Ireland's flourishing port, and a time where a brick wall was created between Christian, and Pagan men. During this era, there were two sides to the Northmen, those who terrorized, and those who wanted peace in a feuding world. However, many of Ireland's children were raised to believe that the Northmen were murderers, thieves, and savages. These children believed that Northmen had no morals and values. Therefore, these children grew up fearing Northmen. Mara was one of these children, but despite all beliefs, nothing stopped her from visiting the River Shannon, which was her favorite place. She visited the river often, where she would sing the songs her mother taught her. From the age of nine, after Mara's mother passed away, the River Shannon became a beautiful memory of Mara's visions of her Mom. No one ever knew of Mara's secret, except Daegan, who was the son of Raelik. He would hide from her, but watched her many times as she sang at the river, while secretly falling in love with her. He wasn't brave enough to tell her
until after he saved her life from a group of criminals heading to the river. At the age of sixteen, Mara began to fall in love with Daegan, but feared what actions would be taken against him when her father finds out. What would her people
think, the daughter of the King of Connacht, in love with a heathen? What challenges must Mara and Daegan face, after Daegan safely returns her home?
The ever-existing hostility and outrage in Ireland existed, but not between Mara
and Daegan. I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys historical romance with a blend of drama. The setting is painted with vivid descriptions of Ireland in its true beauty, the plot is electrifying, and the romance is sizzling. Renee Vincent painted the three great virtues of Ireland page-after-page, honor, chivalry, and love of freedom. How often did brutal contacts occur, and were all Northmen monsters? Will Mara have to struggle for survival after her father finds out about her relationship with Daegan? Will Daegan be executed? Will Mara ever fill the empty space in Daegan's heart, or will she run in fear? "RAELIKSEN" is as captivating as A WALK TO REMEMBER, and as inspiring as THE COURAGE TO LOVE with Vanessa Williams.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

*****REVIEW ~~THE ACRONYM: White Nights Of St. Petersburg by REBECCA LERWILL


Rebecca Lerwill's sequel to "RELOCATING MIA" is an incredible action-packed
adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Mia Trentino is on her way to Russia to testify against a member of the Russian Mafia for the horrifying events she witnessed while held in captivity. Douglas Farland is Mia's fiancee, and one of Acronym's agents, a spy who desperately tries to keep Mia alive. As a mission that's almost impossible begins to brew, Douglas must tangle and cross the monster who will stop at nothing to prevent Mia from testifying, otherwise known as the brutal Sergei Selkin. As intense suspense and drama explode on the pages of this novel, like the Fourth-Of-July, Douglas is reported as missing, and framed for treason. To accomplish this mission, the brass knuckle toughness must succeed, the good guys need to win, and the bad guys need to vanish instantly. But that's only the beginning, someone needs to watch the moves of the devil in the blue dress, your worst nightmare, better known as Ludvika. Will the battle be won
against the evils of the Russian Mafia? Will Mia ever testify about her horrifying
abduction without the protection of Douglas? Does anyone find Douglas, and will he ever be able to love Mia again? I highly recommend this book to action and suspense lovers, who enjoy a thriller that's blended with romance. The author colored the pages with nonstop twists-and-turns from high-voltage action to sweet, sensual romance, laced with drama. "THE ACRONYM: White Nights Of St. Petersburg" is as fast and furious as LETHAL WEAPON 4, and as mesmerizing as
THE JUROR with Demi Moore!