Wednesday, March 12, 2014

***5 Star Review~~"THE DAY THE CRAYONS QUIT"

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      Award-Winning writer/director of film and TV Drew Daywalt, and New York Times Bestseller Oliver Jeffers, deliver an entertaining children's story that is playful, and packed with fun. This delightful story will have children laughing, reading, and sharing their own thoughts, while giving crayons a whole new meaning. 

The colorful, stunning illustrations come to life as each colorful crayon gives their complaint, while protesting about their color. Orange and Yellow are not speaking to each other for their own reasons, Beige doesn't want to compete with Brown, Blue is tired of coloring lots of water, and it seems that only Green has no complaints.

What complaint does Black have, and will Orange and Yellow be able to compromise? A colorful solution must be met as all the complaints pile up, so that the crayons never think about calling it quits again. Poor Duncan just wants to color, and he wants his crayons to be happy. 

Does Duncan solve all the crayon problems, and get an A+ for coloring? There are several Dear Duncan letters to solve as children giggle their way to the end. Fascinating, inviting, and entertaining throughout. Highly recommended for teachers, parents, and child-care providers!

-----Geraldine Ahearn"Author Geri Ahearn"  (June 27, 2013)
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