Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~The SIN of Addison Hall~~Author JEFFREY A. ONORATO~~


Addison Hall is a bright, average looking man, who lives in the city of Wakork, which is the second largest city in the country of Alpdon. He suffers from loneliness, is self-conscious, has a dry sense of humor, and visualizes his life as a
burden. His speech is stammered whenever he speaks, and his increased sweating,
and hidden fears are the results of his anxiety. He was treated with disrespect and
humiliation from Mimi, Lenina, and Julia, realizing he's not a big hit with dating
women. He worried about finding a soul mate, because he was over age thirty, and
needed someone to share his feelings with. His anger toward God was also hidden, in fear of being punished more than what he lives through at the present time. Addison is a camp worker, forced to work in an unskilled job, and is labeled as an unappealing-looking laborer. He works at the camp with Nigel, who he knew for
twenty-five years, and they live in a country where beautiful is superior. Why was Chancellor Brock on a crusade to gather up all types of appearance-improving aids? What haunting memory does Addison have about Starck, and what is Addison afraid of? Why did the morbidly obese work at these camps? I recommend this novel to all science fiction lovers, and to all those who enjoy
thrillers, packed with drama. The story is gripping, chilling, and thought-provoking. The setting is dark, scary, and painted in satire. Jeffrey A. Onorato created a Masterpiece, with his unique writing style in the history of Addison Hall's life. This incredible story leaves an aftermath, after reading about one man's journey in a life that's ruled by disturbed, dysfunctional leaders. Once the
book is closed, is it possible to ever witness another Addison Hall? What is the true definition of sinful that the gifted, talented author points out, page-after-page? How does Otka try to help Addison survive, after he is threatened to be
eliminated? The reader can hear the sound of the train every time Addison is transported to the camp for another dreadful, horrifying day of work. "THE SIN OF ADDISON HALL" is as thrilling as BEYOND RECOGNITION, and is as
captivating as THE GREEN MILE, with Tom Hanks.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~"BEYOND SEDUCTION: Loving Without Limits" Author LISA PANKAU


How do you keep the flame of love from burning out in a marriage? How do you avoid becoming another sad statistic of divorce? What does a
successful marriage demand? What does commitment mean, and what
is its value in unconditional love? Will a marriage work if we don't believe in both romance, and reality? Should each partner know the true
definition of expectations, and boundaries, and when we should not cross them? Why should conflicts always be resolved in a marriage? Why is it important to be open and honest with each other? How important
is love, acceptance, and respect in every marriage? How should couples
deal with psychological, emotional, and spiritual repercussions? What happens when a partner changes in a marriage, and how should each
partner deal with it? Why is it important to know who you are, and what you want in a marriage? What happens in a marriage when communication is nonexistent? Lisa Pankau has presented these questions, with solutions, and helpful tips in "BEYOND SEDUCTION."
Her greatest passion is to help other people find love and keep it forever,
while she encourages education, and a thirst for a deeper understanding
of strength, and spiritual growth. The author has experienced life at
both ends as a divorcee and a widow, from dread and despair, to the
untold bliss of true love. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who is searching for a soul mate, for all married couples, and to anyone who
seeks advice on how to spice up a relationship. This book is an excellent
resource on how to make a relationship grow in strength, and how to
hold on to what you have. The author includes helpful tips with Aromatherapy recipes, music, and sensual atmospheres. She shares
helpful hints in role playing and sensory acknowledgment, while
discussing the importance of trust, confidence, and intimacy between
each partner. Lisa Pankau's presentation, based on experience and knowledge, is thought-provoking, uplifting and inspiring. She gently takes the reader by the hand, shows them the ultimate importance of an open mind and heart, and how love can continue to grow in spirit, and
strength. "BEYOND SEDUCTION: Loving Without Limits" is as radiant
as MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE, and as irresistible as UNDER TUSCAN
SUN, with Diane Lane.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~IGGY THE IGUANA~~Author Melissa M. Williams~~


The hero in this delightful children's story is Iggy, who is a loveable nine
year old, and the new kid on the block. It's hard enough that Iggy has to
deal with his smart, sassy younger sister, but there are other issues that
he must also challenge. As Iggy prepares to enter a public school for the
first time in his life, not knowing anyone, he realizes that he needs to make lots of friends. Along with trying to prove himself worthy, he is forced to deal with bullies, and his first childhood crush. Snap Shell, Kit Kat, and Molly all have unique personalities, and are extremely funny.
Dragon D tries to act very cool, but does this type of personality fade away, after everyone really gets to know you? Does Iggy have a tough time
trying to fit in, and who makes him feel comfortable? How does Iggy feel
about Lizbeth? Does Iggy survive the trials and tribulations of his age
group on his journey through elementary school? I highly recommend
this wonderful children's book that will touch the hearts of all ages. Children will be able to relate to the story, and learn from those lessons
through a fun, easy, and humorous read. Melissa M. Williams presents
everyday issues, along with simple solutions in an interesting story, with
adorable characters. This book will encourage children to be considerate
and caring, with a positive attitude. The author includes the true value of family and friendship, which is an essential stepping-stone from childhood to adult. There are serious moments, funny moments, and touching moments. This fun and easy read is recommended for any child who is preparing to enter elementary school, and for children in this age group who are changing schools, after moving to a new location. How does Iggy adapt from an All Lizard School to a public All Animal School?
The characters come to life as Iggy and his friends experience their first school year together, issues get resolved, and emotions become heartfelt
in this educational, children's adventure. "IGGY THE IGUANA" is as
thrilling as Walt Disney's LADY AND THE TRAMP, and as funny as

Thursday, September 24, 2009



It has been noted for decades that in the world of romance and relationships, opposites attract, and statistics have shown that many still
believe it. Unfortunately, this is a myth for Victoria Ballard, even though
her new prince charming is tall, dark and handsome. However, the reason why this is a myth in Victoria's situation is because she was forced to marry Prince Rashid Davar, through a marriage contract that
was made between her father, and Rashid. Victoria's father, who was the
light of her life, agreed on the contract to ensure his peace of mind, prior
to his passing. He wanted his daughter to be in good hands. Although
his intentions were loving and caring for his daughter's well-being, a
forced marriage left Victoria in total devastation, especially when Rashid
was the type of man she feared. To make matters worse, she had no
intentions to engage in a relationship, or consider marriage. She worked
hard, and devoted her life to climbing the ladder of success. She achieved, and her goals and dreams were to continue to improve her
career as a New York financal executive. Her father, her career, and her
independence meant everything to her, until her entire world fell apart.
How does Victoria survive in a forced marriage, with a man she wants
to run from, who is known to her as ruthless? Does Victoria and Rashid
find love, or a dangerous affair? What tragedy happened in Victoria's
life that she takes the blame for? What happened to Victoria's brother?
How far does Victoria go with her resentment to Rashid? Why was Victoria determined to reach the top of her father's corporation? I highly
recommend this novel to all Contemporary Romance lovers and to those
who enjoy adventure, combined with drama. Lynda Coker created a plot
that draws the reader's attention from page-to-page with vivid imagery
in a powerfully moving story of love, betrayal, and redemption. The title
fits the story like a glove, the characters come to life, and the adventure
is filled with challenges as two cultures clash. "THE OCEAN BETWEEN"
is as heartbreaking as NOW & FOREVER and contains as much shifting
drama as Danielle Steel's KALIDOSCOPE, with Jaclyn Smith, and Perry

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~The Organ Grinder And The Monkey~~Author SAM MOFFIE


Inspired by the work of Sam Moffie, after reading NO MAD, I was extremely
pleased to find that THE ORGAN GRINDER AND THE MONKEY is as descriptive,
and intelligent. The author is one of a kind, a master in creating unique
characters, who come to life, with personalities the reader will remember. Seymour's dream is to be a veterinian, after he graduated college, he takes a
trip to New York to fulfill his dream. Irving decides that he wants to join the
New York City Police Department, after his haunting memory of being lost on a
field trip in his younger days, and being rescued by a police officer. Although
Constance has a wealthy family, the good fortunes were never shared with her.
Her dream in life is to become a Rockette, but after moving to New York City,
she dances in a strip-club, where survival is the name of the game. With perfection, the author weaves the lives of these three characters into an
outrageous, humorous story in non-stop action, page-after-page. The life of each
character and how they react to challenges and struggles is blended with precision into the unfortunate of today's society as they venture out into the real
world, and learn through experience the difference between dreams, and reality.
I highly recommend this novel to contemporary fiction lovers, and anyone who
enjoys an interesting story, packed with emotion, and humor. Sam Moffie has an
incredible imagination as he paints his creativity into an unforgettable dialogue,
while the fast-paced storytelling moves along with delight. Does Constance survive
New York City? What factors in Seymour's life left him emotionally traumatized?
Do the three characters share anything in common? How did Irving's upbringing
influence his attitude on the solutions to life's problems? As we read on, the
author invites you to step into a roller-coaster-ride of mixed-emotions, broken
dreams, and psychological twists-and-turns through the lives of dysfunctional
personalities. The more you read, the more addicted you become to Sam Moffie's
distinctive, refreshing, and hilarious voice. "THE ORGAN GRINDER AND THE MONKEY" is as entertaining as TRADING PLACES and as funny as ANALYZE THIS,
with Robert De Niro, and Billy Crystal.

Monday, September 21, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~SCOUT SQUAD: Going Native By Author MARK O. CHAPMAN~~


Willy Colton, born with a genetic mutation, spends most of his time with
the animals in the forest, where he feels comfortable. Unlike Willy, his
twin sister was born without mutations. Sydni belongs to the Scouts, and
the United World Council's military. Willy and Sydni, along with the crew she works for set out on a journey to Venus Two. Like his sister,
Willy is determined to serve society. But Willy learns that politicians are
trying to take over their planet. Sydni tries to help her brother, after
a war begins, knowing that this planet is what Willy considers to be his
home. It's Willy's homeland, where he can live with other humans, who
also have a genetic mutation, and he will never have to be lonely again.
What does Willy and Sydni encounter as they venture out into an
intergalactic journey? Does Willy and Sydni survive the battles of war,
and who wins? Will Willy save a planet that he can finally call home?
I recommend this novel to all science fiction lovers, and for all those
who enjoy a great adventure. Mark O. Chapman created an incredible
setting, including ongoing drama between the spaceship, and the planet.
The plot is interesting as the reader follows the battle scenes, creatures
come to life and emotions fill the pages as we read on about the journey
of Willy, and Sydni in the fight for survival, and homeland. As the story
blossoms, the reader can detect good versus evil in this fast paced space
adventure. The author includes faith in God, love, and dealing with loss.
There's never a dull moment from page-to-page, leaving the reader anxious to discover what happens next. Follow the twins in this
fascinating adventure as you join them on a captivating roller-coaster-ride of mixed emotions on an intergalactic journey you will never forget.
"SCOUT SQUAD: Going Native" is as clever as MEN IN BLACK, and as
intense as Steven Spielberg's WAR OF THE WORLDS, with Tom Cruise.

Sunday, September 20, 2009



Inspired by Michael Connelly and John Grisham, along with his passion
for writing, Andrew Parker created a spectacular chilling story in his
Masterpiece, titled "Prophecy Of Power." Jacob Droutman was tormented for a long time, by a sad, haunting memory of the disapperance of his older brother. While Jacob preaches at the synagogue in New York as a rabbi, he tries to follow his father's footsteps,
but has always been confused about the teachings of his own religion,
curious to learn about different religions. Jacob meets a young woman,
who is interested in details on Jacob's life history, because her own brother also disappeared, along with her brother's two friends. Ayn
encouraged Jacob to read about a story, involving three Jewish students,
claiming they found a lost tomb. As Jacob began to investigate, he found
out the discovery did not take place, and a student disappeared. Who was John Duncan, how well did Ayn know him, and why was he delared
a danger to national security? Jacob's investigation began to bloom, while his apartment is searched, and his landlord is murdered. who did
Jacob have to follow, and who was following him? Who stole the papers
from a CIA agent, and how did they end up in Jacob's hands? I highly
recommend this book to all mystery, and thriller lovers. The story is
incredible, the setting is realistic, and the characters come to life. Furthermore, the author penned a nail-biting and suspenseful plot,
which is totally entertaining page-after-page, made for the movie screen.
Why was Ayn murdered? Follow Jacob's journey from New York to
Israel as his investigation explodes, while he walks in the same path as
the missing students did. What does he find in Jerusalem, can answers
be found in a buried tomb, and who is the next prophetic world power?
What is found in Daniel's Prophecy, does Jacob uncover the truth he
searched for, or does his journey become Mission Impossible? Andrew
Parker's "PROPHECY OF POWER" is as electrifying as 15 MINUTES,
and portrays an imaginatively living suspense on the same scale as
FRANTIC, with Harrison Ford.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~"PONEASEQUA: The Goddess Of The Waters" By Stephanie Duckworth-Elliot

Ranked on Amazon As The Most Helpful Favorable Review!


Stephanie Duckworth-Elliot created a great adventure in a compelling
journey through an incredible story portrayed in the life of McKenzie
Jones, who was challenged by her teacher to present the history of her
Native American culture in front of the entire class. She is a proud,
strong young woman, who believes in her Wampanoag heritage, and
her upbringing shines light into her heart. Although she works hard
trying to convince classmates of the history, and knowledge of her
roots, can she prepare decades of history in one weekend? Does her
grandfather help her to absorb the history and wisdom of the ancient
Wampanoag culture, and is she confident to stand tall with her
presentation? Will she remember to present the morals and values of
a proud culture, while removing misconceptions that exist, or will she
face humiliation, and disciplinary action? I highly recommend this
novel to young adults, and to anyone interested in the history of the
Native American culture. I also recommend this book to young women,
who wish to build their self-esteem and confidence by following the
strength, and spirit of McKenzie. The author painted a portrait of
vivid imagery, with true to life characters in a breathtaking story. In the
end, does McKenzie find the final peace that she has been searching
for? Stephanie Duckworth-Elliot penned a setting where the legends
told from McKenzie's grandfather can be softly heard in the background
as warrior's dance to the beating of drums, turning the plot into a
Masterpiece. Follow McKenzie to the farm, where she tended chores
with the light of her life, her grandfather. Listen carefully to his wondrous storytelling as the bond between him, and McKenzie becomes
stronger. Did McKenzie's grandfather help McKenzie to grow in spirit,
while claiming her Wampanoag identity? "PONEASEQUA: The Goddess
Of The Waters" is as entertaining as THE HORSE WHISPERER, and as
inspiring as Walt Disney's TUCK EVERLASTING.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5Star REVIEW~"HOLY SHIT: A Brief Look At Christianity's Problem" By Author DAUSON LOVI


Dauson Lovi conducted research on the doctrine of the trinity, views on
Christianity ideology, and a realistic view on the writings of the Bible.
The author presents documentation and results obtained from the
trinity, discusses Moses, and translation of the word God, and its
symbolic use. Although God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost remain a
controversial subject among various religions, it remains the backbone
of faith for the author. I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys
reading history on Christian religions, doctrines, and the impact on
American society. Dauson Lovi's presentation in his first novel is based
on his studies, after twelve years of research. His interest in matters of
religion, politics, and history throughout the past decade has become
his passion for writing, and devotion to research. The author invites the
reader to explore Christianity under a different light. Would you like to
read a collection of thoughts, which illustrate the problems facing
Christianity? Do you enjoy mythology? If you are interested in following
the scriptures, and evidence on misconstrued metaphors, then this book
is a good choice. How many people believe, and follow the readings
in the Bible? Are there misinterpretations of the doctrine of the trinity?
Why was the word Elohim used in the Bible, and what does it translate?
The author's presentation includes discussion on the Golden Rule,
the creation of evil, and the teachings of intolerance. Furthermore, Dauson Lovi describes the different books of scripture that are
followed throughout the world of religion, confirming the trinity in
different places. "HOLY SHIT: A Brief Look At Christianity's Problem"
is as interesting and impressive as THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, with
Mel Gibson.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

5Star REVIEW ~The Attitude Girl~MILA BERNADKIN


Most teenagers, especially in today's society not only have to battle with
being too young for the adults and being too old for the younger children,
but are forced to face peer-pressure and the demands of America's economy
in need. Victoria Benson is not classified as the average shy, follow-all-your-
friends typical teenager. She may have similar issues that most seventeen
year old girls experience, but she is also different in other ways. She's honest
and open, not afraid to speak her mind, whether she has permission to, or
not. Victoria will indeed find many closed doors in life as we all do. She will
have her ups-and-downs, fall, and get up again. But her quality of honesty
will be her key to open up new doors, after learning life's tough lessons.
The experience of hard knocks and falls will help her to better understand
other people, and become more sympathetic, and passionate. I highly
recommend this novel for young adults. All the characters are realistic,
most teenagers will be able to relate to Vicky's issues, and the story is
true to life. How does Vicky deal with the wicked girls who torment? Does
Vicky adjust to the financial burdens within her family unit, and does she
continue to be selfish? Is it Vicky's attitude that gets her in trouble, or her
honesty? Take an emotional roller-coaster-ride with Vicky through financial
highs-and-lows, difficult relationships, and changes after her father
abandoned her, and her mother. Follow Vicky's path as she blossoms to
maturity, after surviving many unexpected storms that life throws upon
us. The reader will witness how peer-pressure, and lifestyles influence
the road to adulthood. "THE ATTITUDE GIRL" is as entertaining as
ERIN BROCKOVICH, and as deeply moving as A WALK TO REMEMBER with
Shane West, and Mandy Moore.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Subtitle: "Unleash Your Inner Power And Take Control Of Your Life.
No More Excuses!"

Genre: Non-fiction/Self-help


The true life experiences from struggle, discontent and despair penned
by Danielle Pierre, compelled the author to help other people overcome
negative circumstances, while direction is focused on a healthy and
happy sense of well-being. Danielle offers trials and tribulations of
life's journey from her darkest moments to finding light at the end of the
tunnel. She describes the negative situations that can possibly cause
turmoil, and explains how to mend tormenting pain, while moving on
with a positive attitude. Her motivation blossoms like a flower, while
encouraging self-control, and how to eliminate fear. The reader will
benefit from Danielle's support and guidance, while learning tips on
avoiding self-destruction, and how to control your inner thoughts. The
author's philosophy on the road to success is based on honoring, and
respecting who you are. If you do not respect yourself, how can other
people respect you? If you punish yourself for circumstances beyond
your control, how can your life improve? Most important, Danielle leads
the reader by the hand to join her in the walk on the road to good health
and fitness, demonstrating proper nutrition, and exercise. Furthermore,
she reinforces the utmost necessity to believe in ourselves. If you don't
believe in yourself, how can other people believe in you? I highly recommend this book to anyone who has the burning desire to seek
motivation and self-help, while changing their life style to a positive
direction. Danielle Pierre can lead the way to happiness, by showing the
reader how to transform your life from bitterness and despair, to peace
and contentment. If you have been traveling down the road of
unhappiness for far too long, then this book will indeed help you keep
the faith, heal from hurt, and teach you how to move on. The incredible
amount of emotional support offered by the author through self-help
techniques will leave you with a sound body, and mind. Find out how
Danielle Pierre discovered the key to health, wealth, and happiness.
You have absolutely nothing to lose, but your gain in an abundance
of happiness could change your life forever. "JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Unleash Your Inner Power And Take Control Of Your Life. No More
Excuses!" is as inspirational as STEPMOM, and as uplifting as
GOOD WILL HUNTING with Robin Williams, and Matt Damon.