Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~The SIN of Addison Hall~~Author JEFFREY A. ONORATO~~


Addison Hall is a bright, average looking man, who lives in the city of Wakork, which is the second largest city in the country of Alpdon. He suffers from loneliness, is self-conscious, has a dry sense of humor, and visualizes his life as a
burden. His speech is stammered whenever he speaks, and his increased sweating,
and hidden fears are the results of his anxiety. He was treated with disrespect and
humiliation from Mimi, Lenina, and Julia, realizing he's not a big hit with dating
women. He worried about finding a soul mate, because he was over age thirty, and
needed someone to share his feelings with. His anger toward God was also hidden, in fear of being punished more than what he lives through at the present time. Addison is a camp worker, forced to work in an unskilled job, and is labeled as an unappealing-looking laborer. He works at the camp with Nigel, who he knew for
twenty-five years, and they live in a country where beautiful is superior. Why was Chancellor Brock on a crusade to gather up all types of appearance-improving aids? What haunting memory does Addison have about Starck, and what is Addison afraid of? Why did the morbidly obese work at these camps? I recommend this novel to all science fiction lovers, and to all those who enjoy
thrillers, packed with drama. The story is gripping, chilling, and thought-provoking. The setting is dark, scary, and painted in satire. Jeffrey A. Onorato created a Masterpiece, with his unique writing style in the history of Addison Hall's life. This incredible story leaves an aftermath, after reading about one man's journey in a life that's ruled by disturbed, dysfunctional leaders. Once the
book is closed, is it possible to ever witness another Addison Hall? What is the true definition of sinful that the gifted, talented author points out, page-after-page? How does Otka try to help Addison survive, after he is threatened to be
eliminated? The reader can hear the sound of the train every time Addison is transported to the camp for another dreadful, horrifying day of work. "THE SIN OF ADDISON HALL" is as thrilling as BEYOND RECOGNITION, and is as
captivating as THE GREEN MILE, with Tom Hanks.

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