Monday, June 28, 2010


A Rattlesnake Lawyer-Luna Cruz Thriller

With Original Music By TREVOR MCSHANE


Jonathan Miller, a Superstar in writing mystery and legal thrillers has created another Masterpiece in his sixth novel, "CONFLICT CONTRACT." Once again, the reader becomes addicted to this entertaining story in a New Mexico setting that only Miller can create with flavor, detailed with perfection. The author's voice is genuine, his stories are convincing, and he has the ability to capture the reader's interest within the first two pages. Jonathan Miller's expertise as a practicing attorney in criminal law adds drama to the story as he tells it with light humor and intense suspense at the same time. His unique writing style is captivating, clever, and impressive. I highly recommend this novel to all mystery and thriller lovers, who enjoy a combination of chills and thrills, blended with humor, and packed with action. Was the daughter of Luna Cruz kidnapped, and where was she taken to? How significant is the phone call from a mystery woman that Dan received, and what is his next move? What decision does Dan make, and is time on his side? Miller's wit, crisp dialogue, and companion CD of music for this novel adds spice to the story as twists-and-turns in the plot makes the reader crave for more. Dan Shepard and Luna Cruz join together in another legal thriller that Miller wrote with mounting evidence in a gripping tale with perfect geography that not only makes the characters hard to forget, but also the enchanting story. This novel is a top notch legal thriller, written with quality and perfection that only Jonathan Miller can Master in the world of mystery. Who is Alejandro, and what did he ask Dan to do? Who was known as Judge Looney Toons, and why did some inmates resent her? Who was Jen waving to, and why was she pacing back-and-forth outside? Why did Jen request to check on Denise, and what upset Jen's mother? Who destroyed Nurse Song's home? How old is Jen's daughter, and is she autistic, or retarded? Where did Dan get a speeding ticket, and where was he going? Who was Tyrone Johnson, and whose suit was he wearing? Who did Dan pay his last respects to at the Japanese Gardens? Who is Benally, and did he plead to armed robbery, attempted murder, or kidnapping? Who is Anastasia, and was she charged with a new felony? Who is Nastia, and did she work at the Ends Zone? Was romance in the air as two lovebirds reunite, who were they? Jump into this action packed roller-coaster ride through the dark side of the law as you witness scary events and creepy suspense throughout this addicting thriller! "CONFLICT CONTRACT" will keep you guessing to the end as in ALONG CAME A SPIDER and is as cleverly entertaining as THE GREEN MILE, with Tom Hanks.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010



First born as a human in Egypt, known as Maya and reincarnated forty-six times, Valantinus Ragvaldsson makes Anthony Hopkins look like an angel in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. What happened on August tenth, when Valantinus only had moments left to find a host for his spirit, and who was Louisa? Where were the screams of a baby heard from, and who was the mother of the infant? Who was the twin of Valantinus gazing at, and was he also a blood drinker? Although Valantinus lived without moral consciousness, was he aware that he was deceiving himself? Since Valantinus was the Governor, who was supposed to obey his orders? Who was Daniel, and why did he inherit the Viscount's title? Who was Antoine, and what did Valantinus want to do to him? Why did Marie despise Giselle? What message did Dagi send to Maya? Who was Lisette, and where did Valantinus take her? How old was Daniel, when he developed fangs, and night vision? Who was the Grim Reaper, and what was his intentions? I highly recommend this novel to all those who enjoy reading compelling vampire stories, describing the behavior, motivation, and physiology of mythical beasts. Ziana de Bethune delivers an incredible, horrifying tale of a predator that sends chills up your spine. The story is a page turner as the characters come to life in a historical setting as we continue to read about blood drinkers, and the dynamics of their society. It's quite obvious that the author spent years in researching an entire myth about the origins and reasons for being in the vampire world as she created a Masterpiece that's different, and refreshing. "VALANTINUS: Blood Brothers" defines the line between good and evil, is interesting, and leaves the reader craving for more. Valantinus is a unique, creepy character who is impossible to forget as the author continues to explain why these creatures behave as they do, and how they breed, and survive. The story is mesmerizing, painted with betrayal, vengeance, and terrifying suspense that's fit for the movie screen. The pages are covered with psychological demons with twisted personalities, and one demented incarnation of evil, leaving you on the edge of your seat. The plot is electrifying as Ziana de Bethune fills the pages with horrific details and morbid curiosity through dark, frightening, complicated lives of blood drinkers. This novel is not only bloody, evil and weirdly erotic, but in the world of vampires, it's a Knockout!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~~BREATHE: 52 Oxygen-Rich Tools for Loving and Living Well with Autism" Author GAYLE NOBEL


Life can be a challenge for the parent of a child with autism. It's tough enough to be a parent in today's world, and much harder for any parent who has a child with a disability, including Gayle Nobel. Through her experience with her brother and her son, Kyle, Gayle shares the essential tools for a more rewarding, happy life. After devoting thirty years to Nursing, raising a child with a disability and caring for autistic children, reading this book brought me a great sense of comfort to know that the material that Gayle shares with the world does in fact make a huge difference to the welfare of any child with a disability. Gayle defines what a quick fix is as she voices her opinion that magic for answers simply does not exist. However, compassion, love and praise on an everyday basis, combined with harmony and balance does indeed produce good results. I highly recommend this book to all parents who have a child with special needs, teachers, and health care providers. The author not only shares her thoughts and feelings on autism, but also provides invaluable advice for families who cope with autism to make the journey nourishing, with a positive attitude. Gayle Nobel directs her readers to the rewarding effect of the smallest achievements, how to cope, and to never give up. This book is a rare gem for all parents, and anyone who takes care of autistic children. The author takes the reader by the hand and walks them gently down the road of courage and hope, while demonstrating that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Follow Gayle through the journey, and she will guide the way as she inspires the soul, while building confidence and self-esteem. Her presentation includes support, enthusiasm, and creative ideas for parent, and child. Her ongoing encouragement, wisdom, and strength is what produces a positive attitude in autistic children as their eyes sparkle with joy. The healthy outlook for a parent of a child with autism, along with guidelines for the 'unexpected moments' that indicate a red flashing light in times of a storm brewing will reinforce survival techniques for the mind, and soul. The author presents techniques on how to inspire, with her talent and creativity. This book will help you through the troublesome spots, provide knowledge for different situations as it offers powerful fuel for taking one day at a time. Is change easy for a child with autism? If you are late for an appointment, after dealing with one of those unexpected autistic moments, what really matters the most? What educational tools can be used to feel a glimmer of happiness, during a day of darkness? Is reaching out for support a golden key to learning and coping, during difficult times? Gayle Nobel will show you how to thrive, focus, and take on life's challenge? If one baby step at a time is taken, then the autism marathon will survive. The author will show you how to spotlight precious moments with autistic children, which will become a priceless treasure chest of delightful memories. This book provides enormous therapeutic advice to help you receive a dose of sheer joy, after the dose you have given to a child with special needs. How important is it to have a positive attitude when your mind is racing, and you are exhausted? When the going gets tough, how can one refocus? How can making a list of 'live now' activities become the building blocks of love and hope? "BREATHE: 52 Oxygen-Rich Tools for Loving and Living Well with Autism" is as marvelous as FORREST GUMP, as heartwarming as the movie AS GOOD AS IT GETS, and as inspiring as RADIO.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~~"PRODUCTIVITY PLUS: Ideas To Live Your Life With Enthusiasm, Energy & Focus" Author JIM TEMME


Author, speaker and consultant Jim Temme provides ideas, and encourages the reader to improve on getting the most out of life in PRODUCTIVITY PLUS. This book shows you how to achieve more positive results in life, and business. Each chapter provides exercises and ideas on how to focus, with encouragement and persistence. This book can improve self-esteem, direct one to change their lifestyle as it continually encourages improvement, while guiding the reader through guidelines that are easy to read and understand. The end results would lead the reader to a more gratifying life of fulfillment, self-actualization, and corporate success. I highly recommend "PRODUCTIVITY PLUS" to all those who wish to improve their lives and self-esteem, while searching for goals on how to produce passive income. As a professional speaker, Jim Temme incorporates facts and data to support his ideas on improving life. The author provides these ideas in a unique writing style in which the reader can grasp quickly. His ideas are practical, educational, and inspiring. "PRODUCIVITY PLUS" provides ideas to put into practice immediately, while constantly encouraging commitment, and effort. This how-to step up the ladder of success is an ultimate necessity for every business owner, and for those seeking a change for self-improvement. Jim Temme defines leadership, and the essential tools needed to become productive, both at work and at home. The author provides direction in leading your own life to become a professional, who can also help others to succeed, through experience along the rewarding journey. Follow the guidelines in "PRODUCTIVITY PLUS" and you will indeed succeed!

Saturday, June 5, 2010



With an incredible imagination, research and experience, Nikolaus Baker penned GODS CHAIN, which made his writing dream come true as he created a Masterpiece. "GODS CHAIN" is a series of fiction books that are linked to each other, containing stories of fact, and fiction. It is a search for discovery to find out where the three Reliquiae are, fabled to be the links to God. The author's secret passion for writing a book became reality with "GODS CHAIN" and the first of the series being 'Genesis' and 'The First Degree.' Nikolaus Baker was born in a place filled with history, including the enigmatic Freemasons villages and towns to the summary killing times of the Covenanters, where religious tensions in Scotland mixed with manipulation of human life, and the author incorporates this background knowledge into his writing with expertise. I highly recommend this novel to mystery lovers, who enjoy historical stories, packed with action, and adventure. The author had a craving to create a novel, where the reader would have the burning desire to step into the same shoes of a character, while contemplating survival, and his craving was fulfilled as he succeeded with perfection. What bizarre events take place in a hidden, complex world? What does Cardinal Giovanni Dalla Gassa plan to do? Where there is conspiracy, will truth be discovered? Where there is despair, will hope be found? Where there is racism, can equality be found? Is it through our weakness, where we become stronger? Follow Nikolaus Baker through this fast-paced historical adventure, with fascinating twists-and-turns as the pieces to the puzzle are beginning to fit one-by-one. Where there is hatred, will friendship be found? Where there is power, can there be compromise? "GODS CHAIN GENESIS: The First Degree" is as impressive as THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, with Mel Gibson.