Friday, September 23, 2011

Amazon Vine REVIEW~5 Stars~~"DARK SOULS" Author PAULA MORRIS

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Miranda and Rob are involved in a horrifying car accident, and for different reasons, they blame themselves. After the death of Miranda's best friend, Miranda and her brother become victims of guilt from the traumatic event. Miranda's parents decided to take Miranda and Rob with them to York, England, while doing business, hoping that a vacation would ease the pain and help to heal the soul. However, strange incidents begin to happen, and Miranda's world that recently turned upside-down is about to get worse. What bizarre events occurred around town that were related to Miranda and Rob? What did Miranda and Nick have in common? Does Miranda fall in love with the man across her window? Will the suffering end for Miranda and Rob? I highly recommend this spine-chilling novel to all those who enjoy ghost stories, combined with mystery. Paula Morris takes the reader through a haunting tale of the supernatural with an intriguing story in a picture-perfect setting. In DARK SOULS, the reader is invited to walk through the Gates, and witness spooky ghosts on crowded streets as the buildings light-up and you can hear footsteps on shining cobblestone. The breathtaking descriptions created by the author will make you feel as if you are standing near an enchanted storefront. Visions of the unseen world with intense suspense and twists-and-turns will keep the reader interested from beginning to end. The characters come to life, a mystery will keep you guessing and the engaging story that's filled with paranormal activity, decorated in Old England appeal, will not disappoint!

Friday, September 16, 2011



Doctor Laura Mclnnis not only has a special gift that helps her with her patients, but she is a gift to the world she lives in. Although Laura's unique psychic is a secret, her clinical experience isn't enough when multiple threats begin to enter the world of chaos she lives in. As Laura is confronted with helping a couple sort out their problems, danger begins to increase, and survival becomes the name of the game. Who had the same dream as Laura, and what was it about? Why did Laura consult a psychic, was she in love with Trevor, and did they trust each other? I highly recommend this book to all contemporary fantasy lovers, who enjoy mystery, combined with intense suspense, and romance. Ann Gimpel's expertise in psychology shines through page-after-page, blended with thrills, chills, and mystical-magic made for a movie screen. The author takes the reader through a haunted house of horror as Laura is faced with a crisis as the clock ticks fast in her desperate search for answers. What powerful force does Laura struggle with, and how does the old woman help? Time is running out, along with the comforts of civilization, is there hope for the future? "PSYCHE'S PROPHECY" is as thrilling as WHAT LIES BENEATH, as chilling as THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE and as mysterious as THE SIXTH SENSE, with Bruce Willis.