Saturday, August 30, 2014




      A blue whale named Whaley sets out on an adventure to visit and make friends with many different whales. As Whaley's exciting journey begins in the mysterious sea, he found Owen the Orca, and learns what Orca's can do. Whaley also meets Harold the Humpback Whale, and learns that Harold loves to sing. While Whaley continued his journey, he was happy to see Gary the Gray Whale swimming with his mother and learned how Gray Whales find their food, without having teeth. In addition, Whaley learns how much Brody the Beluga Whale, who is a white whale, loves to swim in the Artic's cold water.

      Whaley discovers that Belugas live in pods, have lots of teeth to eat a variety of seafood, and like to talk to each other. When Whaley saw Sammy, Whaley learned that Sammy loves every ocean, except the Artic and Sammy the Sperm Whale not only has a large brain, but will weigh up to forty-five tons when he is all grown up.

      As Whaley's exploration of the ocean continued, he learned that Walter the Whale Shark is really a type of fish, who will weigh 47,000 lbs when he grows up. Whaley was overwhelmed with joy to learn many things about the new friends he met. 

      This delightful adventure, written by Alexander Luke, a five year-old who dedicated this intriguing book to his father, fills the exciting pages with wisdom and a creative imagination. The colorful illustrations light up the pages, and the fun-filled story is as charming and delightful as 'Free Willy.' This fascinating story invites young children to tag along with Whaley as they learn about the deep, blue ocean, a beautiful home for many different sea creatures. Exciting, fascinating, refreshing, and educational. Highly recommended to teachers, parents, and child-care providers.

                                       **SPECIAL NOTE**
      This book was written and illustrated by 5 year-old Alexander Luke and presented by Award-Winning author Carole P. Roman, who is proud to introduce her grandson, Alexander Luke's debut book, "Whaley's Big Adventure."  Alexander Luke dedicated this book to his daddy, Bestselling author, Michael Phillip Cash.