Thursday, July 30, 2009



As I read through the life of Chris M. Tatevosian, his touching story struck a chord, sending chills up my spine. Immediately, I had a flashback of the past twenty years of a friendship
with a family that I wouldn't trade for the world. A Doctor that I had the honor of meeting
in New York, who had multiple sclerosis for many years, and directed a hospital for rehabilitation. His daughter, and I were best friends. At age twenty-five, she was also diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As I became part of this family, and helped as much as I possibly could, I learned what this disease can do to everyone involved. Chris pours out his heart with unbelievable courage to tell the world about his mistakes, how you can still love life, and once again see the light at the end of the tunnel. The author tells the readers about his feelings, emotions, and experiences as multiple sclerosis progressively worsened. More important, he describes how a disability can not only destroy the person who has it, but everyone he comes in contact with. In many cases, the misery and anger felt by the person who is disabled is also felt by his caretakers, and loved ones. This memoir of tender feelings is heartfelt, funny, and uplifting. The story is enormously entertaining as we read about a life lived by a man who is filled with faith, and spirit. His encouraging words conveyed to the public to be there for the joy, the tears, and each other, will truly leave an afterthought in the mind of every reader. I recommend this book to everyone who had to deal with a disability of any kind, and to everyone who is married, or is engaged. Chris clearly defines the building blocks of marriage, why those blocks may begin to crumble, and how to prevent those blocks from falling. The trials and tribulations of Chris M. Tatevosian's life is an inspiration to us all.
"LIFE INTERRUPTED: IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT ME" is as heartwarming and emotional as
PATCH ADAMS with Robin Williams.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Donald Drummond, and his wife Anne were both retired from professional careers, and agreed to go on a mission to unravel a mystery in Donald's extremely dysfunctional family. As they begin this incredible mysterious journey through the hidden family secrets, they begin to realize the dark journey might be "Mission Impossible!" Why did it take sixty years for Donald to meet his biological mother?
Who murdered Donald's biological father? Did Donald's mother poison her husband? As the journey on the road to horror continues, the reader sits on the edge of her seat as chills tingle her spine, and the suspense has only just begun. As you continue to follow this disturbing journey into deception, conflict, and murder, you realize that maybe some questions were better off to be left unanswered. John Wayne Cargile uses his expertise in psychology, and knowledge in religion to create an intriguing plot, with entertaining characters. This novel is packed with action and drama through surprising twists-and-turns to the end of the story. For the icing on the cake, the author covers the pages with reality, insanity, and a blend of romance. For added touches, he throws in madness, greed, and probable cause for some flawed personalities that we usually see behind closed doors of a mental institution. I recommend this book to all mystery lovers who enjoy suspense, combined with action, and romance. The type of characters that the author created are as colorful as those you see in any of Alfred Hitchcock's finest movies. Did Donald and Anne find out too much? Was Donald's father in the Mafia? How many people were involved in the terrorist plot, and who knew about this conspiracy? As the reader follows the journey of deceit, the soap opera explodes as the saga continues in an ugly world of fear and regret, left open for a perfect sequel. "THE CRY OF THE CUCKOOS" is a mesmerizing Masterpiece
of the unexpected, and is as thrilling as THE DEVIL'S OWN with Harrison Ford,
and Brad Pitt.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

*****REVIEW ~POTLUCK SURVIVAL GUIDE: Care & Feeding Of The Athletic Supporter


Fifteen years ago, I was a Girl Scout leader, a volunteer for many church groups,
and a cook for a huge gathering of people. There was a time where both of my
daughters were involved in six after-school activities each. These social activities
took place after swim meets, dance recitals, and ALL GIRLS LITTLE LEAGUE.
That's only a few to mention, there were a variety of social functions, including
camp-outs. The first thing that came to mind after reading Cherie Kimmon's
fantastic cookbook is that my only regret with this survival guide is not having it
back then. This is not only a great cookbook to expand your culinary horizons,
but is also the perfect gift for anyone who needs to cook, whether it's for one person,
or a group of people. I highly recommend this cookbook to beginner cooks, and
experienced cooks as well. This cookbook is intelligent, and the recipes are simple
and delicious. Cornbread stuffing, pasta, and casseroles are appreciated by moms,
and grandparents. Meatloaf, soups, and sandwiches were old time favorites from
many children I knew. This book is delightful to read as it covers appetizers to
incredible desserts. The chicken dinners, salad bar, and hamburger bar will be
enjoyed by athletes, and anyone else who's hungry. For a tasty, additional variety,
Cherie includes a waffle bar, and a sundae bar. Who would not feast on these
mouthwatering bars? To make reading easy on the eyes, Cherie includes special notes
for each recipe, along with helpful hints, and tips on festive decorating ideas. The author includes servings for one person to twenty-five guests, and offers suggestions for dessert topping. It's impossible for the reader to get bored, after looking at awesome illustrations per page. Guidelines for pre-game and post-game meals
are included, and the recipes will be enjoyed by athletes, and any social gathering
in which large groups of people meet. Cherie Kimmon's step-by-step illustration of the cooking process is a comprehensive, practical presentation of great recipes that should be given to all moms. This book is packed with basic information on measurements and cooking time for tasty, and easy to prepare dishes. "THE POTLUCK SURVIVAL GUIDE: Care & Feeding Of The Athletic supporter" is as
informative as THE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING ILLUSTRATED COOKBOOK: America's Bestselling Step-By-Step Cookbook, with more than 1400 recipes.

Monday, July 27, 2009




This easy to read, informative book is a step-by-step practical approach for
various individual situations that specifically deal with anger management.
It is a common sense, extremely readable book that helps to make a difference
in the lives of people of all ages, especially for parents who want support in
dealing with difficult emotions. Through the use of charts and plans over a
period of time, Jerry Adams, who has taught and written about families and
their emotional management throughout his long, productive career is an expert
on the subject. He deals patiently with issues, some highly sensitive and controversial, openly and honestly with clarity. The author is appealing to the
reader's curiosity and interest in tackling anger's destructive powers with
helpful tips, ideas, and strategies in which all family members can relate. I
highly recommend this book for any family, or counselor. According to many
psychologists, children who are frequently exposed to anger often become adults
who use anger to control everyone they basically come in contact with. This book
addresses a huge modern problem within the United States, while covering
every aspect of anger within the family unit and is extremely helpful for
time-pressed families, who don't have time to communicate well, or at all.
This book is clearly written, well-organized, and is a valuable guide in directing
how to calm family storms. Jerry Adams has created a Masterpiece that caters
to the needs of families, who have conflicts and disharmony in their home. His
expertise in preventive medicine is not only the best medicine of all, but is a
lifesaver in hopeless situations. Depending on whether parents and professionals
alike read, or did not read this book can make a huge difference on mommy moments, daddy moments, and you're about to go off the deep end moments.
The individual psychology that Jerry Adams uses in each situational case could
indeed have a huge impact on the emotional well-being of families. It is a known
fact for decades that anger can hurt. Jerry Adams can not only heal, but can calm
the storm, and bring sunshine to people of all ages. "DISCIPLINE WITHOUT ANGER" is as informative and inspiring as WHEN ANGER HURTS YOUR KIDS:
A PARENT'S GUIDE by Patrick Fanning.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

*****REVIEW ~~CAMPINGLY YOURS~~ By Thomas C. Adler


This heartwarming, inspirational story is Thomas C. Adler's enchanting
ride down memory lane, packed with every human emotion one can
experience. The author describes countless adventures from his twenty-seven years of experience as the director and owner of Chippewa Ranch Camp. During those years, he wore many different hats, and became friends with people from all walks of life. This passionate story captures the heart of the reader as you learn about a summer camp legacy that will forever be remembered by all those who shared the adventures with a remarkable role model. The author's challenging roles as therapist, child advocate, and crisis manager were just a few in his spearheading
adventures. He frequently changed hats from EMT to mediator, while
supervising hundreds of counselors and campers round-the-clock. I recommend this delightful and touching memoir to anyone who craves an insightful story that's good for the heart, and soul. This novel embodies the camping spirit and teaches the importance of life's lessons, while reflecting on the value of friendship, which is a crucial factor needed from childhood through adolence. This book will make any parent realize the incredible impact a camping experience can be in a child's life, and how self-confidence can grow as fears dimish. This emotional roller-coaster-ride of the lives touched at summer camp will bring tears to your eyes, and joy to your heart. "CAMPINGLY YOURS"
is as funny as SIX DAYS, SEVEN NIGHTS with Harrison Ford, and as
compelling as NOW AND THEN.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

*****REVIEW ~The Economical Guide To Self-Publishing~By LINDA F. RADKE

**An Instructive Time And Money Saving Handbook**


"THE ECONOMICAL GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING" is an essential tool needed for
successful Self-Publication, which offers great support to be a contender in today's
very competitive market. This unique book introduces an incredibly powerful concept of Self-
Publishing, and how it works. This simple, easy-to-read guide explains how to get started, while
clearly describing what the author needs to know. This complete guide to Self-Publishing offers
a professional, author-friendly book publishing environment, directing the reader to the best
possible opportunities to achieve success with their book. I recommend this book to all writers,
authors, and Self-Publishers. Linda F. Radke presents facts of interest as she walks you
through the Self-Publishing process, outlining steps of how to stay in control, without facing
authorship in total darkness. Most important, she demonstrates how the Self-Publishing
experience can be a success, while saving money. This informative, skillfully written guide is a
useful resource for the presentation of your first book, covering the journey from your
manuscript to promotions. "THE ECONOMICAL GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING" is as
interesting as THE SECRETS OF SELF- PUBLISHING, and as practical as THE COMPLETE
SELF-PUBLISHING HANDBOOK. In today's evolving book publishing industry, authors
are taking control of their writing, and book publishing options. Linda F. Radke will lead the
way, and open the golden door to opportunity, and success.


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