Monday, July 27, 2009




This easy to read, informative book is a step-by-step practical approach for
various individual situations that specifically deal with anger management.
It is a common sense, extremely readable book that helps to make a difference
in the lives of people of all ages, especially for parents who want support in
dealing with difficult emotions. Through the use of charts and plans over a
period of time, Jerry Adams, who has taught and written about families and
their emotional management throughout his long, productive career is an expert
on the subject. He deals patiently with issues, some highly sensitive and controversial, openly and honestly with clarity. The author is appealing to the
reader's curiosity and interest in tackling anger's destructive powers with
helpful tips, ideas, and strategies in which all family members can relate. I
highly recommend this book for any family, or counselor. According to many
psychologists, children who are frequently exposed to anger often become adults
who use anger to control everyone they basically come in contact with. This book
addresses a huge modern problem within the United States, while covering
every aspect of anger within the family unit and is extremely helpful for
time-pressed families, who don't have time to communicate well, or at all.
This book is clearly written, well-organized, and is a valuable guide in directing
how to calm family storms. Jerry Adams has created a Masterpiece that caters
to the needs of families, who have conflicts and disharmony in their home. His
expertise in preventive medicine is not only the best medicine of all, but is a
lifesaver in hopeless situations. Depending on whether parents and professionals
alike read, or did not read this book can make a huge difference on mommy moments, daddy moments, and you're about to go off the deep end moments.
The individual psychology that Jerry Adams uses in each situational case could
indeed have a huge impact on the emotional well-being of families. It is a known
fact for decades that anger can hurt. Jerry Adams can not only heal, but can calm
the storm, and bring sunshine to people of all ages. "DISCIPLINE WITHOUT ANGER" is as informative and inspiring as WHEN ANGER HURTS YOUR KIDS:
A PARENT'S GUIDE by Patrick Fanning.

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