Friday, November 19, 2010



Former journalist Gary Starta has a love for science fiction, which shines through his writing. Inspired by Issac Asimov, Starta's fascinating imagination explodes page-after-page in this incredible bone-chilling thriller that makes this author a Master storyteller as he gives terror a new name. Prepare yourself for the fright of your life as dread and evil blossom through nail-biting suspense! Detective Sam Benson has no love for androids, becomes obsessed with investigating them, and cannot comprehend why they exist, or the reasons why machines are their gods. The relentless detective in his ruthless behavior, desperately attempts to solve a series of brutal murders, but the pieces to the puzzle are not fitting as Ceres becomes a nightmare that only Gary Starta could create. This novel explores the relationship between man and machines as it sends chills up your spine, while introducing sizzling romance. The CSI is working on the puzzle in unsolved murders as the killers are still on the loose, while new homicides continue to be added to the list as fast as you can blink your eye. Why did Starkman become a suspect, and what did Benson accuse him of doing? Was Ms. Lopez struck by lightning, and was she guilty of any crimes? Who did Sam trust, why was he so overprotective, and what did he witness during childhood? Suspects continue to multiply as fast as new investigations, while creatures play a grueling game in the dark of night. What kind of government ruling was mandated for Ceres couples, and did most obey? The reader is introduced to forensic examinations, homicidal puzzles, and fright night on an unforgettable flight. What happened to Chen, and Payne? Will a wedding take place as Benson deals with politics, greed, and conspiracy? What happened to Carol Walker, and was Dean a witness, or a suspect? I highly recommend this novel to all thriller and science fiction lovers, who enjoy mystery, with a blend of romance. The story is intelligent, and the suspense is electrifying. Did Sam and Sandra find much more than peace and tranquility on this new planet, and what does it do to their relationship? "GODS OF THE MACHINES" is as haunting as THE AMITYVILLE HORROR and as gripping as DON'T SAY A WORD, with Michael Douglas.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~"CHARLIE THE HORSE" Author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


Charlie was born in Kentucky, and grew up at Racing Haven Farm. His proud mom nurtured him, taught him what to eat, and showed him where to run. She introduced Charlie to other foals, and General Quick, who was a famous retired racehorse. Charlie wanted to be as famous as his dad, but knew he had to learn about running skills from the General. His best friends were Glory, and Buddy. After running around the pasture with his friends, he gained confidence to reach his goals, and follow his dream. How did Charlie feel when he was informed that he had to leave his mother and friends behind, when it was time to go to the training farm? Who taught Charlie that he had to overcome his fears, and what did he do at Sweetbrier Racing Stable? Did Charlie stay focused with weights on his back, a saddle, and a girth? What did Misty and Kerry teach Charlie, and was he focused? How did Charlie respond to the sound of a loud bell, and did he obey to the commands of cantering, trotting, and galloping? What was the reason for blinkers, and what happened at Delmar Race? At age two, Charlie ran at the Donley Fair Race, was he scared, and did he win? Why did a blacksmith have to take care of Charlie, after this race? Where did Charlie become one of the best racehorses, and what was different about Woodmont Stakes day? Did Charlie ever become a champion, and when did he return home to visit his mother, his new baby sister, and his friends? How many races did Charlie compete in with Buddy? I highly recommend this fascinating book to children, parents, and teachers. The story is educational as Deanie Humphrys-Dunne points to the importance of discipline, confidence, and persistence. The main character Charlie is adorable, talented, and amusing. The author encourages children to work hard at reaching their goals, overcome their fears, and believe in themselves. Did Charlie become another Charles The Great, and did he follow his passion to reach his dream? "CHARLIE THE HORSE" is as entertaining as Little House On The Prairie, and as inspiring as "BLACK BEAUTY."  

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~"HELL KNIGHT" Author Charles Spencer


Yuki Hinomoto comes to life as the main character in "HELL KNIGHT." She arrives in the heart of God's country, naked, and possessed with demon powers, beyond your wildest imagination. The mysterious woman, haunted by her past, plans to commit a series of bloody massacres as "HELL KNIGHT" begins. A police detective desperately attempts to seek answers as to why the chaos is happening, but realizes that his own hands are tied in preventing disaster, or having the ability to solve the case. During her mission from Hell, Yuki introduces herself to gangsters, demanding to be served. After her proof of horrifying acts, and demonic powers, she's in full control of her hostages. Charles Spencer takes the reader into the haunted house of horror, as Yuki begins her ugly, battle of revenge against the world of mortals. During a conspiracy of demons determined to rule the world, Yuki's power of the super warrior begins to take control, while she vows to keep her eternal promise to her lover, Angela Ramirez. I highly recommend "HELL KNIGHT" to mature readers, and to those who enjoy horror stories with a blend of fantasy, and mystery. The terror in this story grabs the reader's attention as if you were viewing "INDEPENDENCE DAY" while destruction beams, during invasion of the human race. The wicked character of Yuki is as scary and haunting as that of Al Pacino in "THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE." The drama in "HELL KNIGHT" is as chilling as viewing "CAPE FEAR." The author leaves the terrifying ending open with the possibility of another fright-night to continue from the bizarre, relentless, and tormenting performance in the reader's memory of "HELL KNIGHT." The dread, evil, and destruction that takes place in this novel is as good as Steven King's, "THE LANGOLIERS." Before the curtains are drawn as "HELL KNIGHT" comes to an end, the reader is left with the same haunting memory of Yuki in comparison to Anthony Hopkins, after viewing "THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS."

Sunday, November 7, 2010



In book four of the Denicalis Dragon Chronicles series, the reader is invited to follow a group of curious children who set out on a mission to find not only each other, but also the amulets, while finding a solution to save the dragons from evil forces that rule through greed and power. Will the children succeed through trust and determination as they follow their destiny, or will their efforts become 'Mission Impossible!' Why did the girls trust Kennard, and was he a slimy frog, or a muck dragon? Was an evil spell casted upon Kennard, and by whom? Will the girls be able to save Gruffod, and what was Lotor's intentions? Why is Nivri searching for the missing amulets, and were the dragons able to communicate with each other? What happened to Kennard when he tried to escape at an attempt for freedom, and was a bird laughing at him? How will the girls get to the other side of the mountain? Will they find food to satisfy hunger, and will Tonia ever see her brothers again? Were the rats and turtles Kennard's friends, and did they help the girls? Who provided lights for the girls as their journey began, and who guided the way? This novel is highly recommended for all fantasy lovers. MJ Allaire takes the reader through another spectacular adventure that not only young adults would appreciate, but parents and teachers as well. The incredible story is educational as magic fills the air, while mystical creatures come to life. Time is running out as the mysterious quest continues. The clock is ticking too fast, who will survive, and who will die? Will the journey end with a treasure of memories, or will it end in a nightmare? Why did the Ring of Alyshana strike an emotional chord in Kennard, and did it have special powers? Why was Zacharu held as a prisoner? Two prisoners found freedom, who were they? Will the missing stones be found? What happens to Kennard, after the girls make it through the mountain, and who will be grieving? This book will indeed capture the imagination as the reader travels through a life-endangering odyssey. "DRAGON'S BREATH" is enchanting, delightful, and as thrilling as WILD AMERICA!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~"A THIRST FOR WAR" Author Raymond Gustavson



John Ulysses Martin had a dream at the age of ten and he finally had the opportunity to fulfill that dream as he marched off to war with his students, while facing the harsh reality of combat as he witnessed the death of his friends, and the cries of the wounded, and dying. What was Professor Martin's motto, before joining the war, and did his opinion change after serving his country? What did John do to earn the rank of Lieutenant, after digging a grave for Curley, while his hands trembled? Did his dream turn into a nightmare of despair, horror, and sorrow? Why did John walk with an awkward gait, and how did he lose the same leg that haunted him since childhood? Where did John meet Lydia, and how important was her father? Who kicked John's students out of the dormitory as Stewart College closed down, leaving John unemployed? Who shot Lady, and what did Haddonfield do to John at the bar? Why was John taken to prison, and what notes did he write in his pocket Bible? Why is the railroad bridge over the Cumberland River at Clarksville, Tennessee, significant to this compelling story? Does Lydia marry Lieutenant Wallace, what happened to her brothers, and how did she react, after John told her that he was joining Lee's army? I highly recommend this action-packed novel to all historical fiction lovers. Raymond Gustavson takes you into the middle of the battlefield and shows you the fight, while defining the brutal realities of war. This incredible story about history illuminates the life of heroism, love, and courage. The author created a Masterpiece, based on the expert knowledge of pre-Civil War, commitment, and sacrifice. This novel is impressive, is a page turner from beginning to end, and is indeed fit for the movie screen. What happened to George, and Smiley? Will the Yankees blame John for the murder of Haddonfield? What happened to Mr. Fred as John prayed for the fighting to cease? Who helps John escape from prison as tension reaches its highest peak, during an era of conflict and slavery as families are torn apart? The story is unforgettable, the characters come to life, and the conclusion is explosive. "A THIRST FOR WAR" is as entertaining as GONE WITH THE WIND, as dramatic as Steven Spielberg's SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, and is as emotional as THE DEER HUNTER, with Robert Deniro.

Monday, November 1, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~"TAILS OF SWEETBRIER" Author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


What if you had a dream that you wanted nothing more than to ride horses, but didn't begin to walk until age four? How would you feel as a parent to be told that your child would never be able to walk? How would you feel living on a farm, gazing at beautiful horses everyday, while wishing and praying that you were one of the riders? How would you feel if walking is a difficult task, but you are very eager to ride a horse? A young girl is determined to follow her dream, regardless of the risk involved. Sweetbrier was her life, and her heart was filled with passion to become a champion horseback rider. What did the diagnosis of cerebral palsy mean to one compassionate father, who encouraged his daughter to fight the odds? Are the memories of a sprawling, yellow Victorian house in rolling green pastures a treasure to the children who grew up there, and what adventures will they always remember? How many countless times did Deanie fall off of Little Man, and what did her father do? What code did Deanie use to give Chiefie a carrot when he was in his stall, and did they go to exhibitions together? What happened to Chiefie and Jubilee, after fire broke out in the barn? Does the Humphrys family give up, or do they build a new barn? How old was Holly when she began to ride horses? After surgery, crutches, and the use of a cane, does Deanie ride Peach? Who took First Place in the Reserve Champions at Mrs. Foster's Farm, and who was the rider? I highly recommend this book to children, parents, and teachers. Deanie Humphrys-Dunne wrote a truly spectacular story of strength, passion, and courage. The characters come to life, as well as the unique illustrations. The author points out the value of family and friendship, while motivating others to reach for their dream, despite obstacles that may have to be battled with along the way. Furthermore, Deanie Humphrys-Dunne encourages discipline, high self-esteem, and a positive attitude throughout this compelling story. The author motivates children to overcome their fears, achieve their goals, and follow their dreams. "TAILS OF SWEETBRIER" tugs at the heart, is as captivating as RADIO, and as inspiring as FORREST GUMP, with Tom Hanks.