Sunday, November 7, 2010



In book four of the Denicalis Dragon Chronicles series, the reader is invited to follow a group of curious children who set out on a mission to find not only each other, but also the amulets, while finding a solution to save the dragons from evil forces that rule through greed and power. Will the children succeed through trust and determination as they follow their destiny, or will their efforts become 'Mission Impossible!' Why did the girls trust Kennard, and was he a slimy frog, or a muck dragon? Was an evil spell casted upon Kennard, and by whom? Will the girls be able to save Gruffod, and what was Lotor's intentions? Why is Nivri searching for the missing amulets, and were the dragons able to communicate with each other? What happened to Kennard when he tried to escape at an attempt for freedom, and was a bird laughing at him? How will the girls get to the other side of the mountain? Will they find food to satisfy hunger, and will Tonia ever see her brothers again? Were the rats and turtles Kennard's friends, and did they help the girls? Who provided lights for the girls as their journey began, and who guided the way? This novel is highly recommended for all fantasy lovers. MJ Allaire takes the reader through another spectacular adventure that not only young adults would appreciate, but parents and teachers as well. The incredible story is educational as magic fills the air, while mystical creatures come to life. Time is running out as the mysterious quest continues. The clock is ticking too fast, who will survive, and who will die? Will the journey end with a treasure of memories, or will it end in a nightmare? Why did the Ring of Alyshana strike an emotional chord in Kennard, and did it have special powers? Why was Zacharu held as a prisoner? Two prisoners found freedom, who were they? Will the missing stones be found? What happens to Kennard, after the girls make it through the mountain, and who will be grieving? This book will indeed capture the imagination as the reader travels through a life-endangering odyssey. "DRAGON'S BREATH" is enchanting, delightful, and as thrilling as WILD AMERICA!


MJ Allaire said...

As always, Geri, thank you! You do such a wonderful job of reviewing books by so many talented authors! You help spread the word about us and our work - I can only hope that you are repaid in kind for what you give us!

Here's to many more books written and reviewed!!

Infinite, authorly hugs, MJ Allaire

Author Geri Ahearn said...

Thank you kindly! Your writing is Fantastic, and so was this book. I've watched you grow over the years, 'Excellent job!' You certainly have bloomed, like a Rose. Keep it up & Many Congrats!