Tuesday, November 9, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~"HELL KNIGHT" Author Charles Spencer


Yuki Hinomoto comes to life as the main character in "HELL KNIGHT." She arrives in the heart of God's country, naked, and possessed with demon powers, beyond your wildest imagination. The mysterious woman, haunted by her past, plans to commit a series of bloody massacres as "HELL KNIGHT" begins. A police detective desperately attempts to seek answers as to why the chaos is happening, but realizes that his own hands are tied in preventing disaster, or having the ability to solve the case. During her mission from Hell, Yuki introduces herself to gangsters, demanding to be served. After her proof of horrifying acts, and demonic powers, she's in full control of her hostages. Charles Spencer takes the reader into the haunted house of horror, as Yuki begins her ugly, battle of revenge against the world of mortals. During a conspiracy of demons determined to rule the world, Yuki's power of the super warrior begins to take control, while she vows to keep her eternal promise to her lover, Angela Ramirez. I highly recommend "HELL KNIGHT" to mature readers, and to those who enjoy horror stories with a blend of fantasy, and mystery. The terror in this story grabs the reader's attention as if you were viewing "INDEPENDENCE DAY" while destruction beams, during invasion of the human race. The wicked character of Yuki is as scary and haunting as that of Al Pacino in "THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE." The drama in "HELL KNIGHT" is as chilling as viewing "CAPE FEAR." The author leaves the terrifying ending open with the possibility of another fright-night to continue from the bizarre, relentless, and tormenting performance in the reader's memory of "HELL KNIGHT." The dread, evil, and destruction that takes place in this novel is as good as Steven King's, "THE LANGOLIERS." Before the curtains are drawn as "HELL KNIGHT" comes to an end, the reader is left with the same haunting memory of Yuki in comparison to Anthony Hopkins, after viewing "THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS."

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