Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~~"THINK LIKE A MARKETER: What It Really Takes To Stand Out From The Crowd, The Clutter, and the Competition" by Author LAURON SONNIER


Author, speaker, and business owner Lauron Sonnier shows the reader how to become a Marketing Machine, through essential tools needed for success in "THINK LIKE A MARKETER." She provides helpful tips in how to keep clients happy, how to maintain a proper relationship with customers through daily courtesies, and step-by-step guidelines that lead to big profits and lasting success. Her powerful view on implementing good marketing results can entirely change a small business, directing you to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace. I highly recommend this book to all business owners, and marketing professionals. The author provides guidance in how to devise a practical marketing strategy on a financial budget, how to put marketing in action, and how to be prepared to compete. Lauron's marketing ideas are clear, basic, and concise. The author designed this book for entrepreneurs who want to grow and succeed in today's challenging economy, and it is indeed a small business owner's dream-come-true.This book contains a simple marketing approach, is easily understood, and will keep a company growing and thriving. Lauron's entertaining teaching manual will show the reader how to get into a marketing mind-set, through her four secrets to standing out. Be prepared to change how you do business forever, while transforming from hope to success. The author demonstrates the importance of marketing roles and duties, how good performance with customers will have positive results, and the essential key factor of sound client relationships. Along the powerful path to success, Lauron will guide the reader with creativity as she unfolds the mystery of marketing. How to make a great impression for your customers is one of Lauron's golden keys to opening up the door to bigger, and better. Hundreds of readers will benefit from the author's fresh ideas, through the tremendous value this book contains. THINK LIKE A MARKETER: What It Really Takes To Stand Out From The Crowd, The Clutter, and the Competition, belongs on the bookshelf of all marketing professionals. Lauron's practical advice for everyday use will improve, and increase our marketing capability. The author created a gem that will attract new customers, through the guidance of a teacher, who is an expert in successful marketing strategies in today's competitive marketplace.

Saturday, January 23, 2010



A Finalist in the USA Book BEST BOOK AWARDS for 2010, artist, author and motivational public speaker Jan Bethancourt transforms a childhood admonition into metaphorical words of encouragement in her book BE EMPOWERED! EAT CHOCOLATE WITH BREAKFAST, which inspires women of all ages. It all began when Jan sent her daughter a series of short encouraging emails, when Sarah was in college, who was captivated by her mother's unique way of sharing wisdom. Sarah encouraged Jan to share her insight and comfort with women throughout the world. In the first year, after publication, Jan sold 1700 copies of her inspirational Masterpiece that nourishes the body, mind and spirit. Her sayings are an open invitation to each individual to recognize their gifts, identify their goals, and trust their abilities. The author challenges each reader to embrace these empowering qualities. I highly recommend this book to any individual, who searches for a refreshing, comforting, and inspirational read. A watercolor artist of over fifty years, Jan's illustrations are cheerful, gently blended with uplifting messages. The author uses chocolate throughout the book as a metaphor for nourishing the spirit, to unleash a woman's strength. The author's colorful sayings are reassuring to the heart and soul, acknowledging the good times in our lives, while comforting our way through times of sadness, and sorrow. This book tugs at the heart, while motivating all women as it encourages confidence and self-esteem, through a creative approach to coping with everyday stress that life throws upon us. A great way to boost the ego, after feeling compassion, and the gift of those peaceful moments we all search for!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~~"CAPTURING KARMA: The Sullivan Boys, Book Three" by K.M. DAUGHTERS


What did Matilida give to homicide detective Brian Sullivan, shortly after the car accident? Who was Father Don to the Sullivan family, and where did he recite the vows for Joe and Barbie? Who was Jake Ashford, and how long has he been missing? Although Joe and Brian believed in rock solid leads, did they have any doubts about Maddy's letter? Maddy was right about Jimmy, but was she right about Ben, and will there be a false conviction? Who killed Jodi, and why? Did Ben shoot Jake? Why did Maddy decide to never work with the police again, and what were her recurrent nightmares about? Who was Mrs. Whitman, and what was she looking for? Does one mother's sorrow convince Maddy to help solve another murder case? Team writers and sisters, Pat Casiello and Kathie Clare Nee Lynch, created a Masterpiece of drama, action and sizzling romance. The setting is perfect for this chilling story, the plot directs the reader into a thriller that will keep you guessing until the end, the characters come to life, and love blossoms page-after-page. I highly recommend this book to all romance and suspense lovers. K.M. Daughters covered the pages in spine-tingling intense suspense that will leave you on the edge of your seat as mysterious pieces of a bizarre puzzle are slowly put together. Who was Eric, and who murdered him? What was Brian searching for in Ben's trailer, and was a gun found in a boxcar of a train set? Whose body was found in the river? How long will the case remain open, and is there still a killer on the loose? Will justice be served, and for who? Will visions, perception, and truths bring new evidence to the case? Will the murder weapon ever be found? Is Matty's life in danger, and will her love for Brian die? "CAPTURING KARMA: The Sullivan Boys, Book three" is as cleverly entertaining as KISS THE GIRLS, and as thrilling as ALONG CAME A SPIDER, with Morgan Freeman.

Monday, January 18, 2010



Through the eyes of Jenna Sinclair, Kristen White explores the life of a mom, who like many women are in search for their own identity, their sole purpose in life. Jenna is a suburban mom, a wife, and a woman who wears many hats. She finds herself trapped in the everyday frustrations in life of trying desperately to please everyone, realizing that she has the answers to care for others, and places herself on the bottom of her list. The author invites the reader to take a journey through Jenna's hilarious lifestyle, packed with drama, and heartfelt emotion. As Jenna struggles through life's commands and demands, before reaching the ultimate brink of insanity, she finds herself, before mid-life crisis attacks in its worst form. Her life has consisted of an addiction to drama, gossip, and complaining. She wakes up one day, realizing that the life she has been living is chaotic and superficial, but that's all about to change, because her wake-up call forces her to make a complete U-turn. I highly recommend this novel to all women, who have walked on the tough road of struggling the responsibilities of raising children, being a good wife, along with fulfilling endless duties on an everyday basis. Too often, Jenna hears the words that many of us have heard over-and-over, from the backseat of your car, are we there yet? What's for dinner, and do I have to eat that? Will we be late? You need to take me here, and pick me up there! What should I wear? Who will help me clean my room? Facing the life she lives, Jenna begins to search for personal rebirth, while setting out on a mission to seek new opportunities, along with gratitude. The pages in this book are covered in excitement as we witness the direction of life's changes for Jenna Sinclair. Jenna once forgot who she was, during a time when she cared about others more than herself, but a delightful awakening leads Jenna on a new path, that will indeed change her entire life. The story is packed with witty humor as it demonstrates how challenging life can be. Kristen White colors the pages with comical wisdom, and the story is inspiring to all women. "MYSTIC IN A MINIVAN" is as entertaining as ERIN BROCKOVICH, with Julia Roberts.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Inspired by historical novels, which was Lynne Ellison's favorite reading material for many years, she created a Masterpiece of historical adventure. This novel fills the pages with fantasy as it takes the reader on an amazing journey, after Karen looks into an ancient mirror that she found buried on the beach, and is transported back in time to the Roman empire. What trials and tribulations must Karen face, during her struggles to return to her own time? I highly recommend this book to all fantasy lovers, children, and young adults. The adventure is breathtaking, the story is spectacular, and the unique characters come to life. The last thing Karen remembered was glancing into the mirror, while daydreaming, what happened to the island, and where did she wind up? How many years did the mirror take her back in time? Who asked Karen if she was a runaway slave, and where did he take her? What was Darvus ordered to do for Karen? Who was Cordella, and what did she give Karen? Where did Karen meet Kleon? Who bought Karen, and where was she going, after the auction? Where did Karen meet Locusta, and how did Locusta hide from the soldiers? Did Locusta's magic help Karen find her way through the dark passages? Does Karen find her way back to where it all began, and is there a happy ending? Find out the answers in this breathtaking adventure as we follow Karen to see if there will be light at the end of the tunnel. "THE GREEN BRONZE MIRROR" is as mysterious as LEFT BEHIND and as captivating as Steven Spielberg's, THE GOONIES.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Subtitle: "Featuring The ABC Cheer Babies"


J. Hale Turner created a delightful, entertaining children's book. Through the fun process of singing and cheering the alphabet, the read-along, sing-along teaching exercise makes learning enjoyable for young children. Tested on groups of special needs children who I provide care for, found this book to be exciting as they tuned in to a high-spirited performance. They enjoyed singing together as their cheering turned into dancing. Through repeated sessions, they remembered more-and-more of the alphabet. Through observation and guidance, the children were rewarded with praise. They became confident enough to sing, cheer, and play musical instruments for ages three to seven. I highly recommend this book to all children who are in the learning stage of the alphabet, and as a social activity for young children. "WE LOVE TO CHEER OUR ABCs" is educational as it builds confidence and self-esteem in young children. Each colorful page motivates the child to continue learning through reading, singing, and cheering. Motor coordination is increased through the use of clapping, jumping, and cheering. The child's social life blossoms, when practicing this exercise with other children as they interact. This book will amaze the eyes, and astonish the heart as you watch these children sing in happiness with the ABC Cheer Babies.