Sunday, September 13, 2009

5Star REVIEW ~The Attitude Girl~MILA BERNADKIN


Most teenagers, especially in today's society not only have to battle with
being too young for the adults and being too old for the younger children,
but are forced to face peer-pressure and the demands of America's economy
in need. Victoria Benson is not classified as the average shy, follow-all-your-
friends typical teenager. She may have similar issues that most seventeen
year old girls experience, but she is also different in other ways. She's honest
and open, not afraid to speak her mind, whether she has permission to, or
not. Victoria will indeed find many closed doors in life as we all do. She will
have her ups-and-downs, fall, and get up again. But her quality of honesty
will be her key to open up new doors, after learning life's tough lessons.
The experience of hard knocks and falls will help her to better understand
other people, and become more sympathetic, and passionate. I highly
recommend this novel for young adults. All the characters are realistic,
most teenagers will be able to relate to Vicky's issues, and the story is
true to life. How does Vicky deal with the wicked girls who torment? Does
Vicky adjust to the financial burdens within her family unit, and does she
continue to be selfish? Is it Vicky's attitude that gets her in trouble, or her
honesty? Take an emotional roller-coaster-ride with Vicky through financial
highs-and-lows, difficult relationships, and changes after her father
abandoned her, and her mother. Follow Vicky's path as she blossoms to
maturity, after surviving many unexpected storms that life throws upon
us. The reader will witness how peer-pressure, and lifestyles influence
the road to adulthood. "THE ATTITUDE GIRL" is as entertaining as
ERIN BROCKOVICH, and as deeply moving as A WALK TO REMEMBER with
Shane West, and Mandy Moore.

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