Saturday, September 5, 2009


Subtitle: "Unleash Your Inner Power And Take Control Of Your Life.
No More Excuses!"

Genre: Non-fiction/Self-help


The true life experiences from struggle, discontent and despair penned
by Danielle Pierre, compelled the author to help other people overcome
negative circumstances, while direction is focused on a healthy and
happy sense of well-being. Danielle offers trials and tribulations of
life's journey from her darkest moments to finding light at the end of the
tunnel. She describes the negative situations that can possibly cause
turmoil, and explains how to mend tormenting pain, while moving on
with a positive attitude. Her motivation blossoms like a flower, while
encouraging self-control, and how to eliminate fear. The reader will
benefit from Danielle's support and guidance, while learning tips on
avoiding self-destruction, and how to control your inner thoughts. The
author's philosophy on the road to success is based on honoring, and
respecting who you are. If you do not respect yourself, how can other
people respect you? If you punish yourself for circumstances beyond
your control, how can your life improve? Most important, Danielle leads
the reader by the hand to join her in the walk on the road to good health
and fitness, demonstrating proper nutrition, and exercise. Furthermore,
she reinforces the utmost necessity to believe in ourselves. If you don't
believe in yourself, how can other people believe in you? I highly recommend this book to anyone who has the burning desire to seek
motivation and self-help, while changing their life style to a positive
direction. Danielle Pierre can lead the way to happiness, by showing the
reader how to transform your life from bitterness and despair, to peace
and contentment. If you have been traveling down the road of
unhappiness for far too long, then this book will indeed help you keep
the faith, heal from hurt, and teach you how to move on. The incredible
amount of emotional support offered by the author through self-help
techniques will leave you with a sound body, and mind. Find out how
Danielle Pierre discovered the key to health, wealth, and happiness.
You have absolutely nothing to lose, but your gain in an abundance
of happiness could change your life forever. "JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Unleash Your Inner Power And Take Control Of Your Life. No More
Excuses!" is as inspirational as STEPMOM, and as uplifting as
GOOD WILL HUNTING with Robin Williams, and Matt Damon.

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