Saturday, September 26, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~IGGY THE IGUANA~~Author Melissa M. Williams~~


The hero in this delightful children's story is Iggy, who is a loveable nine
year old, and the new kid on the block. It's hard enough that Iggy has to
deal with his smart, sassy younger sister, but there are other issues that
he must also challenge. As Iggy prepares to enter a public school for the
first time in his life, not knowing anyone, he realizes that he needs to make lots of friends. Along with trying to prove himself worthy, he is forced to deal with bullies, and his first childhood crush. Snap Shell, Kit Kat, and Molly all have unique personalities, and are extremely funny.
Dragon D tries to act very cool, but does this type of personality fade away, after everyone really gets to know you? Does Iggy have a tough time
trying to fit in, and who makes him feel comfortable? How does Iggy feel
about Lizbeth? Does Iggy survive the trials and tribulations of his age
group on his journey through elementary school? I highly recommend
this wonderful children's book that will touch the hearts of all ages. Children will be able to relate to the story, and learn from those lessons
through a fun, easy, and humorous read. Melissa M. Williams presents
everyday issues, along with simple solutions in an interesting story, with
adorable characters. This book will encourage children to be considerate
and caring, with a positive attitude. The author includes the true value of family and friendship, which is an essential stepping-stone from childhood to adult. There are serious moments, funny moments, and touching moments. This fun and easy read is recommended for any child who is preparing to enter elementary school, and for children in this age group who are changing schools, after moving to a new location. How does Iggy adapt from an All Lizard School to a public All Animal School?
The characters come to life as Iggy and his friends experience their first school year together, issues get resolved, and emotions become heartfelt
in this educational, children's adventure. "IGGY THE IGUANA" is as
thrilling as Walt Disney's LADY AND THE TRAMP, and as funny as

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