Sunday, September 20, 2009



Inspired by Michael Connelly and John Grisham, along with his passion
for writing, Andrew Parker created a spectacular chilling story in his
Masterpiece, titled "Prophecy Of Power." Jacob Droutman was tormented for a long time, by a sad, haunting memory of the disapperance of his older brother. While Jacob preaches at the synagogue in New York as a rabbi, he tries to follow his father's footsteps,
but has always been confused about the teachings of his own religion,
curious to learn about different religions. Jacob meets a young woman,
who is interested in details on Jacob's life history, because her own brother also disappeared, along with her brother's two friends. Ayn
encouraged Jacob to read about a story, involving three Jewish students,
claiming they found a lost tomb. As Jacob began to investigate, he found
out the discovery did not take place, and a student disappeared. Who was John Duncan, how well did Ayn know him, and why was he delared
a danger to national security? Jacob's investigation began to bloom, while his apartment is searched, and his landlord is murdered. who did
Jacob have to follow, and who was following him? Who stole the papers
from a CIA agent, and how did they end up in Jacob's hands? I highly
recommend this book to all mystery, and thriller lovers. The story is
incredible, the setting is realistic, and the characters come to life. Furthermore, the author penned a nail-biting and suspenseful plot,
which is totally entertaining page-after-page, made for the movie screen.
Why was Ayn murdered? Follow Jacob's journey from New York to
Israel as his investigation explodes, while he walks in the same path as
the missing students did. What does he find in Jerusalem, can answers
be found in a buried tomb, and who is the next prophetic world power?
What is found in Daniel's Prophecy, does Jacob uncover the truth he
searched for, or does his journey become Mission Impossible? Andrew
Parker's "PROPHECY OF POWER" is as electrifying as 15 MINUTES,
and portrays an imaginatively living suspense on the same scale as
FRANTIC, with Harrison Ford.

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