Monday, October 19, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~"FROM THE RUINS: A Daughter. A Refugee. An American Soldier." Author AIDA OSMANI


A young girl lived with her family, comfortable, and happy. At the age of
thirteen, her entire world shattered, like a broken glass. A brutal conflict
from the Balkan War, forced her to flee with her parents, moving from
village-to-village. Filled with fear, devastated, and deprived of her culture, she finds refuge in Germany with her parents. The morals and
values of her homeland no longer existed, while forced to conform to live
in a liberal, Western society. Why did Aida rebel, and detach herself
from the close bond with her parents? When the war ended, Aida's
parents returned to Bosnia, why didn't Aida join them? When did Aida
move to America, and enlist in the U.S. Army? Does she ever reunite
with her parents in Germany? I highly recommend this novel to all
non-fiction lovers, who enjoy a true story that's thrilling, chilling, and
packed with heartfelt emotion. I also recommend it to every woman, who
wish to become inspired through the strength, courage, and determination of Aida Osmani. Her top priority in publishing this book
was to reach out to every woman in the world, who experienced abuse
and humiliation, with a compassionate message that they can bury the
past, and once again live a happy life. Aida's motto is to bury the
negativity, and move on. How did Aida save her own life, and her
family? Did Aida's brother leave Bosnia before the war, and did she ever
see him again? How many people witnessed the nightmare of beatings,
torture, rape, and murder? How many people were deprived of food,
clothing, and shelter? How many victims were tormented for years by
the horror flashbacks of what they endured as a refugee? How many
people wandered from village-to-village in bitter cold, while starving,
and listening to horrific bombings? The author penned an incredible,
chilling, true story. The setting is realistic and the pages are filled with
drama,sorrow, mixed-emotions, and courage. The author was born in
Trnovac, Serbia, and raised in Bosnia. She came to the United States
in 1999, where she enlisted in the U.S. Army. She worked in Afghanistan, and is now a U.S. citizen, and proud Army veteran. The
author invites you to hop on a train and take a ride through the horror
of her past, to achieving the American dream with dignity, and honor!
"FROM THE RUINS: A Daughter. A Refugee. An American Soldier" is
as impressive as GONE WITH THE WIND with Clark Gable, and
Vivien Leigh.

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