Monday, January 10, 2011



'GoneAway Into The Land' is a unique story that takes the reader on a journey through life as we follow the footsteps of John Greber, a young hero. At age twelve, John was brave enough to travel into the land of the unknown to confront his father face-to-face, better known as 'The Beast' through John's eyes. John made a secret vow to seek revenge on his abusive father, rescue his sister, and help his mother during a Civil War that threatens not only the land, but the world. As John guides the reader through the battle of horror, with survival as the ultimate goal, he becomes stronger each step of the way as he shares his strength with Ellie, and Marney. The reader can feel his strength as we continue a journey through the wonders of youth, learning life's intense lessons, while absorbing the pleasures of childhood. Can the reader relate to any of the dramatic events that takes place in the land of evil? Does the reader feel hope as the journey continues? Can a parent read through the mind of Ellie? Does Marney learn to treat John with respect, and admiration? I recommend this novel to teens, adults, and all fantasy lovers. Jeffrey B. Allen created a Masterpiece, a captivating story the reader can never forget. The author's wild imagination draws the reader in, like a magnet. The plot is superb, and his charismatic characters come to life. "GONEAWAY INTO THE LAND" is a riveting tale of not just John's epic journey, but also our journey through life. The vivid description of 'The Beast' is incredible. The remarkable journey is chilling, haunting, and mysterious as it takes the reader to a place with unforgettable consequences. John Greber tugs at the reader's heart as much as Trevor does in 'PAY IT FORWARD.' Jeffrey B. Allen's "GONEAWAY INTO THE LAND" transforms into an action-packed adventure that explodes into an awe-inspiring experience as if viewing one of Steven Spielberg's finest!


Erin O'Riordan said...

One of my favorites!

Author Geri Ahearn said...

One of my favorites too! An author with very much Talent! Thank you for visiting & commenting!

Argonaut said...

I agree! This is my absolute favorite book. It's a fantastic story, and Allen's writing is so visual that the book must become a movie. Let's get the word out to everyone -- talk it up in all of our blogs and conversations. Can't you see this story in 3D? Goneaway is a powerful read -- find myself dreaming about its characters and plot. It takes my breath away, while it warms my heart. What a talented writer! Definitely at the top of my Books to Read Again list.

Author Geri Ahearn said...

Hello Argonaut,
I Totally agree. It's one of those stories, made for the movie screen, that I can read again-and-again. For All books I love, that's exactly what I do. Thank you Kindly for Visiting & Commenting & Happy New Year!