Monday, August 22, 2011

**4 Star REVIEW~~THE LONG JOURNEY HOME** Margaret Robinson

A Memoir~~Margaret robinson

The Mother of Bestselling Authors Augusten Burroughs(Running with Scissors) and John Robinson(Look Me in the Eye) finally tells her own heartbreaking story, recalling her Southern Gothic childhood, tormented marriage, motherhood, mental breakdown, and journey back to sanity and contentment.

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Geraldine Ahearn"Author GeriAhearn"


It was an era when the subject of madness within a family unit was silenced and hidden under the carpet. An era when the trauma and ill effects of mental illness were misunderstood. During this era, one woman was forced to battle abuse, alcoholism and the responsibility of raising two children, while fighting for survival from a psychotic breakdown. In desperation, Margaret Robinson searches for answers as she faces one challenge after another. During her struggle to regain her sanity, after confronting psychological chaos, her soul begins to heal as her faith turned into writing. This riveting memoir is highly recommended to all those who seek strength and inspiration from a story that's written with honesty as it tugs at the heart.

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