Wednesday, October 14, 2009

**5 Star REVIEW~~GRANTED! A Teacher's Guide To Writing & Winning Classroom Grants~Author CHRIS TAYLOR


Author Chris Taylor is a lawyer, educator, and school advocate. She
shares over twenty years of experience to simplify the application
process for novice grant seekers. Her book, GRANTED! A Teacher's Guide To Writing & Winning Classroom Grants, provides methods for
writing and winning grants and is an excellent resource and guide for
teachers, librarians and administrators. The author reveals strategic
advice of benefit to grant writers step-by-step, while guiding the reader
through every aspect of the grant process. I highly recommend this book
to teachers, educators, and grant seekers who wish to put an end to
using personal funds every year on classroom materials. This book saves
valuable time, while being guided, and improves educators chances of
winning a grant. In comparison to THE TEACHER'S GUIDE TO WRITING GRANTS, Grant-tastic, and THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE
TO GRANT WRITING, I found GRANTED! to be the most impressive
and professional. Chris Taylor's expertise as a successful attorney,
educator, and grant writer, shines through page-after-page. Her
professional background and her burning desire to help the educational community, led her to become a rewarding grant writer, author, and
public speaker.The author's support continues through a website that
offers additional data, worksheets, and more. The worksheets that are
included by the author give the best possible chances of securing grants
for supplies, and anything that a grant can help fund, while organizing,
and recording research. The advice of Chris Taylor will indeed save
thousands of dollars every year from out-of-pocket expenses for
teachers and educators as she walks you through the steps to make it

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