Friday, November 25, 2011


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Once a beauty pageant winner, an artist, and a fashion designer. One woman who should have been given the opportunity to pass on the true meaning of success and accomplishment to others. Instead, her life ended in tragedy. A beautiful woman, a heroine who was found brutally murdered. How is it possible that the life of a shining star winds up living in the streets, suffering from alcoholism and mental illness? How can a child comprehend the tragic death of her mother as she copes with loss, horror, and sadness? Laurel Saville penned a touching, emotional and compassionate memoir, describing the heartbreaking story of her mother's life, and her tragic death. I highly recommend this endearing memoir to all those who had to face the loss of a loved one and trauma inflicted upon them due to tragedy, while searching for a guiding light on the road to survival. The author shares her personal experience with the world on how one can move forward, after living through a troubled childhood. One woman was defined by how she died, and one child was defined by what she survived. "UNRAVELING ANNE" conveys how strength and love can be the building blocks to a better life, after we find the answers to tormenting memories of a childhood, filled with chaos and danger.

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