Saturday, November 26, 2011

*REVIEW of "DAY AFTER DAY" Author/Scholar/Vocalist~AGRON BELICA

~~Music and News make incredible partners and we call this fusion Newsic

~New Song by Agron Belica~~"DAY AFTER DAY" addressing a painful subject

~Lyrics with Pat Dreier


One strong voice speaks out in America, the Golden land of opportunity. A country in which we are entitled to 'Freedom Of Speech!' A country that has fought for 'Human Rights' generation-after-generation, but how far have we gone, and are we really there yet? Author and Scholar Agron Belica speaks out on a delicate subject, which has been a disturbing issue for decades. We have the Right to vote, and the Right to choose, but what Rights do our children have as many decisions made for them are Not their own? "DAY AFTER DAY' tugs at the heartstrings, brings tears to your eyes, and is powerfully moving! The song hits home, but the fight goes on, and how long will it continue? Will our children and great grandchildren sing the same song, before justice is done? How many decisions were made for our children went wrong, changing their lives forever? The words in this touching song will not only remain in our hearts, but will haunt us long after we listen!

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